Office Cleaning

Focused Cleaning Services provides efficient office cleaning services to both large and small businesses and in most industry sectors.

Our office cleaning service is all about first impressions, pride of work and standards. We achieve this by fully understanding your cleaning requirements from the outset and then deliver exactly the service you requested and more.

make an appointment to meet with our Senior Management Team (we do not employ sales people just operators) as we feel it is important that the decisions we make are made with complete confidence in the ability to deliver and not to achieve a sales target.

You can be assured of site visits, risk assessments and method statements to give you confidence that we are safe and competent but above all you will see that we actually care about your business and how clean it looks.

Call Focused Cleaning Services -Tel: 0800 288 9082
If your business procuring an office cleaning service for the first time or about to review an existing cleaning contract then please contact us. We are a reliable office cleaning company you can trust.

We have expertise cleaning in most industry sectors such as Manufacturing, Distribution, retail and corporate office environments.

We are more than a cleaning company, our facilities solutions compliment each other, can reduce cost for your business and they certainly add value for you the customer. Above all we guarantee a fully managed and flexible service solution to your office cleaning requirements.

Our carefully designed, flexible cleaning schedules give you the support you need, when you need it. This might be anything from a regular daily clean to a one-off deep clean.

First impressions matter we all know this. Focused Cleaning Services will take the everyday office cleaning tasks and provide you with the highest standards in office cleaning and at very competitive prices

Why choose us?

  • Locally managed offices in Birmingham, Loughborough, Bristol & London.
  • Senior Management Team proactively involved to ensure highest standards of office cleaning.
  • Personal, professional and responsive service we are just one call away.
  • Fully managed service.
  • Additional services such as confidential waste paper shredding, Security Services and CCTV
  • Our people are our business, they take pride in what they do.
  • All our cleaning products are environmentally safe.

Our cleaning products

We use high-quality microfiber mops and cloths, plus dustpans, trolleys and more to make cleaning easier and more efficient for hygiene operatives. We utilise Colour coded Microfibre cloths and mops to trap as much as 99.9% of bacteria and dirt, using only small amounts of water. Did you know In fact, it only takes 1.5 litres of water to clean a 250m2 floor with a Microfibre mop.?

Microfibre Cloths have unique cleaning properties, the cloth works by picking up dirt and drawing it via static electricity. Used dry, it picks up even the tiniest dust and dirt particles. Used damp, it will absorb dirt and grease through capillary action.

Regardless of your office and work environment cleaning requirements we provide our hygiene operative with the correct equipment and training for the task required.  The end result is a superior, cost efficient office cleaning service.

Contact Focused Cleaning Services

Tel : 0800 288 9082